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Ania T.1
La Montagne d'ébène

Sarah Degonse


ISBN 9782762144840

Just arrived at the Chalet des Dragons for a week of basketball training, Laurence has a strange feeling. After a strange dream during the bus ride, he is now observed by Gustave, the cottage owner's cat. But all this is nothing compared to the mysterious legend told during the first campfire: dragons would exist! Convinced that his dream has something to do with this legend, the boy decides to investigate.

Laurence is far from imagining that his discoveries will lead him to Åniå, an extraordinary world of flourishing and colorful nature. But the fantastic beings who inhabit it are in grave danger. Will he succeed in saving Åniå from chaos? Nothing is less certain, for he will have to face many trials to fulfill his destiny.

From 9 yo

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