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In March, we celebrate!

Wishing your kids like to speak French?
Here are some dynamic activities (virtual) with cool authors dynamic Francophones.

To celebrate your language.
To pass on your culture.
To make you want to read for fun.

There are activities for all ages, including grown-ups!
And it's free!


Sunday, March 2022
2pm ET

Workhop for teens 12-17 yo with Lucile de Pesloüan


Tuesday, March 15 - 2022
7pm EDT

Open discussion with
Jessamine Irwin - NY, Mamba Hamissi - MI, Camden Martin - ME, Scott Tilton, LA and Tiffany Guillory-Thomas - LA (moderator)


Sunday, March 20 - 2022
11am EDT

Workshop for kids 6-11 yo
with Tania Baladi

Thank you to Québec Government Office in Chicago for sponsoring these activities.