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Tome 1

Julie Champagne


ISBN 9782895793816

At 16, Alexandre Simard's life would be ordinary without his little computer skills. A very special ability that allows him to surf the web under the pseudo H@ckerb0y. Its goal: to hunt down online fraudsters who take advantage of the naivety of Internet users. When an energy pill case catches his eye, Alex sees yet another opportunity to report a scam. However, when he hacked into the company's server, he came across a suspicious email. Who are the members of the HaKattak? And what is their next operation? Determined to investigate, Alex doesn't expect to be spotted or his computer stolen. Hunted, he will have to unravel the threads of this strange affair and thwart the plans of cybercriminals.

The 3-volume series is part of the Zèbre collection, for teens who don't like reading (yet!). Also perfect for French as a second language students.

Ages 11 and up

Have a look at the novel here.

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